Kelley Skeff, MD PHD

Dr. Skeff is a Professor of Internal Medicine and a pioneer in medical education securing his PhD in Education at Stanford.  He co-directs and co-created the Stanford Faculty Development Center for Medical Teachers with Georgette Stratos, PhD.  He is the most thoughtful person that I know in every way.  His concepts on medical teaching begin and end with the leaner and he espouse leaner centeredness.  Dr. Skeff is concerned with the wellness of the teachers in the complex medical environment now in which we work.  Always ahead of his time and thoughtful in the way he approaches his learner, research, and mentorship.


David Gaba,MD

Dr. Gaba is a Professor of Anesthesiology and the Associate Dean for Immersive and Simulation Based Learning at the Stanford School of Medicine.  He has just received the Pioneer in Simulation Award from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare and it is because he is literally one of the founding pioneers of simulation in medical education.  He is considered by most to be the 'Godfather' of simulation in education.  He is an amazingly complex and gifted thinker who is always available to help others and especially in education or quality improvement initiatives.  A wonderful role model as an educator and innovator.  His work is the creative inspiration for the Center for Immersive and Simulation Based Learning (CISL) for the Stanford School of Medicine.


Gary Dunnington, MD

Dr. Dunnington is the Jay L. Grosfeld Professor of Surgery and Chair of the Department of Surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine.  He is a champion of medical education in surgery and a pioneer in creating the concept of a skills and simulation center in surgery residency curricula.  While a Chair at the Southern Illinois University he mentored and presided over clinical and medical education researchers with the distinction of encouraging many of his faulty in pursing and obtaining a Master's Degree in Health Professions Education.  Under his direction, his department was instrumental in validating operative assessments for technical operations that are required by the American Board of Surgery.  A down to earth practical leader that is a model on how to be encouraging, innovative, and thoughtful.